Cengage Powerpoint Module 1 Cengage Powerpoint Module 1Gantt charts are a great way to visualize project timelines and track progress. asset=smh_effect_land_transactions_accounting_equation Objective 4 Textbook:1-4Business Transactions and the Accounting Equation Describe and illustrate how business transactions can be recorded in the terms of the resulting change in the elements of the accounting equation. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright. The web is the same thing as the Internet. View the correct answers for Aplia™ activities. Cengage physics book is best for preparing exams such as IIT(jee advance) and AIEEE(jee mains) AIIMS and NEET. Module 1: Introduction to Nurse Assistant California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Nurse Assistant Model Curriculum - Revised December 2018 Page 1 of 25. Empowerment Technologies - Module 3 Jesus Rances 5. 4 Why Study Sociology? A busy commuter train station might seem like a very individualized place. Introduction to Medical Terminology whitchur 23. New Perspectives PowerPoint 365/2021 | Module 1: SAM Project 1b7. PowerPoint software is used to create slideshows, and it’s part of the Microsoft Office Suite. In the first body paragraph, change the font color of the word "Creamery" to Orange, Accent 2. These presentations are available for download in your product's Companion Site. Range of cells receiving the copy. Select the textbook or product for your course. Recognizing that a course in economics may seem daunting to some students, we have tried to make the writing clear and engaging. 9 Defining Information Security (1 of 4) • Information security - the tasks of securing information that is in a digital format: • Manipulated by a microprocessor • Preserved on a storage device • Transmitted over a network • Information security goal - to ensure that protective measures are properly implemented to ward off attacks and …. One of the biggest advantages of using a Gantt chart template in PowerPoint is that it. When lack of inspiration or time constraints are something you’re worried about, it’s a good idea to seek help. Do not put unnecessary mark/s on any part of the module. A PowerPoint document that lets you create and …. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like A Power Point presentation, also called a slide show, The collection of slides in a presentation is …. is the first in the nine-module series. Change the width of the shape to 6. PowerPoint module 1 Flashcards. For each of these topics, you'll find a list of recommended resources to help you teach the best Microsoft Office lessons. Each module begins with a brief overview of the principles covered while large, full-color screen images illustrate what you see on your computer. Managerial Accounting98% (48) 2023 StudeerSnel B. At the end of this module you will also find: The following are some reminders in using this module: 1. Financial Accounting 100% Sophia acc 201 financial accounting units 2 challenge 1. SAM, an engaging and interactive online learning environment, transforms students into Microsoft Office and computer concept masters. ACC202 Milestone One - Two - Three Worksheets. Office-Savvy Through Simulation. Introduction to medical terminology. New Perspectives MicrosoftOffice 365 & Office 2019 Introductory. Properties of Multiplication and Division and Solving Problems with Units of 2–5 and 10. Click the file under Solution File to download it to your computer. Click on PowerPoint and complete the assignments as listed on the assignment sheet. In the crime control model the control of criminal behavior is by far the most important function of criminal justice. AM Tuesday Tuesday 9:00 AM WednesdayTuesday 10:00 AM Thursday Tuesday 11:00 AM Friday Tuesday 12:00 PM Saturday Tuesday 1:00 PM Sunday Tuesday 2:00 PM Monday Tuesday 3:00 PM Tuesday Tuesday 4:00 PM WednesdayTuesday 5:00 PM Thursday …. Figure 1-4 The information security program chain Source: Course Technology/Cengage Learning Management of Information Security, 3rd Edition Project Management (cont’d. The computer provides a readout of the current stabilization level along with minimum and maximum levels of stabilization. Illustrated PowerPoint 2019 | Module 4: End of Module Project 1 Figure 1: Picture Content Placeholder Sized and Positioned 6. Links to Cengage Courses or Activities Don't Work When you click a link to a Cengage course or activity from your LMS, the link doesn't open a new browser window with the course or learning activity. 1 New Perspectives on Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Module 1: Creating a Presentation. OUR SERVICES Emergency Care X-rays and laboratory testing Preventive Care Routine checkups. Use Smart Guides to position the merged purple shape in the light blue box as shown in Figure 2. Locate a project assignment and click. Develop the Microsoft® Office 365 and Access 2019 skills students need to be successful in college and beyond with the emphasis on critical-thinking, problem-. Details about a file such as the project author, title, and subject. In today’s fast-paced business world, effective communication and visual representation of data are crucial for success. underline text Underline the word "Objectives" in the heading before the bulleted list. Computer Science questions and answers. Follow along as @4doxs1lab completes the Excel Module 1 SAM Project B Diaz Marketing from Shelly Cashman. Markets ECO 1; Externalities ECO 1; Utility ECO 1 - Notes covering the utilities and how it's applied in Economics. Shelly Cashman Series® Microsoft® Office 365® & PowerPoint® 2019 Comprehensive, 1st Edition - 9780357026410 - Cengage. All content had been updated to Office 365 & 2019 versions of Microsoft Applications and Windows 10. EsP 9-Modyul 4 Rivera Arnel 127. This also means we are able to create a clean split in modules for Core 1 (Modules 1-10) and Core 2 (Modules 11-21, Appendix A). Module 3: Socialization and Interaction. Milady Standard Cosmetology, 14th Edition. In Datasheet View of the Managers table, rename the field name of the Manager Email Address field using "Email" as the new name. Put your best face forward with your cosmetology program. You are working on a presentation for Great Lakes Gardening, an organization that helps people in the Midwest establish vegetable gardens. CHCECE025 SWTS Embed sustainable Practices in service operations Powerpoint V7 2021. PPT Module 2 SAM End of Module Project 1: Cashman. According to the 7th edition of the Publication Manual, the way you cite course content depends on the audience of your paper. , On Slide 1, center the subtitle text. Investor Report Powerpoint Presentation- Speaker Notes; Acc 202 Milestone Three; Acc202 Milestone 1 - Module 2; Milestone One Contribution Margin Analysis; 3-2 Assignment Costing Methods Mangerial Accounting; Cengage problem set module 5 PR08. 5 ven steps of a crime-scene investigation. Word Module 4 End of Module Project 1: Cadet Bank. It plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and stability of your car, especially during emergency braking situations. ALGO (Algorithmic) Effect of Transactions on …. As you go through the different activities of this module be reminded of the following: 1. Word Modules 1-3: SAM Capstone Project B You are a human resources associate for K&L Insurance, a major insurance company located in Nashville, Tennessee, and are completing a company report on remote work. With its concise, student-friendly approach, Cengage's Illustrated Series® Collection, Microsoft® Office 365® & PowerPoint® 2021 Comprehensive, 2nd edition, uses a proven two-page layout that enables students to focus on discrete Office skills as they complete module readings. In this video, we walk through the major tasks involved in completing the Excel spreadsheet project in the first module of SAM. Which of the following is true about mobile devices? They are prime targets for attackers. Microsoft Word 2019 Module One: Creating and Modifying a Flyer Objectives Students will have mastered the material in Module One when they can: • Start and exit Word • Enter text in a Word document • Adjust margins • Check spelling and grammar as you work in a document • Save a document. Change the fill color of the text box to Blue-Gray, Accent 1, Lighter 80% (5th column, 2nd row in the Theme Colors palette) and the outline color to White, Background 1 (1st column, 1st row in the Theme Colors palette). For information on adding narration to your presentation. Cengage helps higher education instructors, learners and institutions thrive with course materials built around their needs. Pre-K - K; 1 - 2; 3 - 5; This file includes lessons 1-16 for Module 1 in Eureka Math for third grade! Great supplement to the program and now follows the script. In the world of presentations, having a visually appealing and engaging PowerPoint (PPT) template is crucial to captivate your audience. Critiquing Available Materials and Appropriate Techniques. Getting to meet your VBA friend is very simple. Following the book, complete all step-by-steps (the red circles) from page PPT 2 to PPT 48; DO NOT SKIP ANY STEP. Access SAM training resources, such as videos and user guides, to help your students master Microsoft Office and other …. 3 Steps to Become a Medical Assistant MSBCollege 3. Insert the same formula for the "Premium" and "Deluxe" columns. Human Resource Management is a free open textbook for Tertiary level that covers the key concepts and practices of managing people in organizations. Redirection to Equivalent @ Cengage. PowerPoint Module 1 Exam PowerPoint Module 2 SAM Training PowerPoint Module 2 Exam PowerPoint Module 3 SAM Training PowerPoint Module 3 Exam COMP 1123 …. SAM (Skills Assessment Manager) is a web-based application that helps students become more proficient in Microsoft Office® software and teaches fundamental computer concepts. When it comes to creating impactful presentations, there are numerous tools available in the market. Email Address support@studyhelpme. Making the Most of Your Gantt Chart Template in PowerPoint. pptx from CSA M105 at Asnuntuck Community College. The module contains Lesson 1 – Arts in the Philippines. Registered Nurse guest16031c 1. Every donation can make a difference to NOU’s students, faculty, staff, and researchers. T/F, If your slides contain colors other than black and white, you cannot print them in grayscale or black and white. This video will show you step-by-step how to complete Tutorial 3, Case Problem 1 from the the New Perspectives Excel 2010 textbook. Principles of Macroeconomics 3e covers the scope and sequence of most one semester introductory macroeconomics courses. Welcome to the student portal for current students at DeVry University. Change the BillboardID field to a required field. * Grade synchronisation is currently available with Blackboard, BrightSpace by D2L, Canvas and. Students shared 1346 documents in this course. Why early care and education providers have a unique and important role in developmental monitoring. The Reverend Francis Wayland, author of the most widely-read textbook on political economy in pre-Civil War America, was persuaded that higher education should be guided by market principles. Merge the two shapes using the Subtract option. In the Slides group on the Home tab, click the New Slide button. Work and power Grover Cleveland Middle School 13. Learn how to add a watermark, format bullets and paragraphs,. Principles of economics (Chapter 1) - Download as a PDF or view online for free. to introduce the presentation to the audience. Select the range D5:D16, and then use the Flash Fill button (using the Fill drop-down arrow in the Editing group on the Home tab) to automatically enter codes. Change the title font color to Red, Accent 2, Darker 25% (6th column, 5th row of the Theme Colors palette). Covering PowerPoint Module 1 in the Cengage Technology for Success Microsoft Office 365 & Office 2019 …. Details of PowerPoint Module 7: Investors Linda's Take MP3 check it out. Take teaching, learning, and operations to the next level with CIMA for Cosmetology, 14th edition. Use a word processor for step 1, graphics software for step 2, and a mail merge for step 3. Module 1 Teachers and Teacher Aides: Who Does What?. How to create the PowerPoint assignment Delbrook Communicty Center through Cengage. Sign in with your Cengage account to access: Chat Support. Cengage accounting answers and Cengage economics answers. 02 Cengage mindtap SAM Word module 4 project part 2. In the left pane, click the calendar you want to share, and then click Share this Calendar. MS Windows 10 10418 Close PowerPoint, saving the current presentation before closing the app. • Format documents for visual impact • Quickly prepare personalized email messages and labels • Build powerful workbooks for analysis and reporting. SAM Traing Module 2 Flashcards. ) Grade 9 Module (1st - 4th Quarter) Jqs Wattpad 147K views•172 slides. ) Students may request permission to email assignments directly to the instructor. Cengage Brain Student Resources Access Instructions. Homeroom Guidance Quarter 1 – Module 1: Level Up Your Study Habits 8. Grade 10 Health UNIT 3 health trends issues and concern Global level mrianzo 141K views•56 slides. Multi-Tasking - executes 2 or more programs at the same time. If you have to take admission in a good medical college like All …. Technology for Success and Illustrated Microsoft Office 365. Don’t forget to answer Let Us Try before moving on to the other activities. BIM PowerPoint Module 1 Vocabulary A 1. Electricity and magnetism vocabulary Ayana Boyd 5. This focused, user-friendly approach uses a proven two-page layout that allows students to work through an entire task without turning the page. Answer keys are provided for each activity and test. Completing the Northern Oregon University Foundation assignment. Shelly Cashman Access 2016 Module 3: SAM Project la Change the data type of the Cost field to Currency, and change the Decimal Places property to O. pptx from CISI 101 at Williston State College. 1 • Define fields, set field properties, and specify • Learn the guidelines for designing. Guiding Questions for Module 10: How does my curriculum unit represent my ideas about curriculum, instruction, and assessment? Bonus Module: Legal Issues in Teaching (can be completed anytime or not at all) Guiding Questions for Bonus Module:. Visit this site any time to view current information on system status and performance information for Cengage products, updated every 5 minutes. PERDEV- KNOWING ONESELF Gha Ri Lee C 24. Describe a business situation where the two selected communication methods are used effectively. CONSUMER HEALTH GeorgeAceHalos 15. First select the purple starburst shape, and then select the yellow sun shape. accdb our Instructor’s Resources also contains PowerPoint Presentations, Test Banks. Powerpoint presentation on ethical hacking. Keyboarding and Word Processing Complete Course Lessons 1-110: Microsoft® Word 2016: Vanhuss, Susie, Forde, Connie, Woo, Donna, Robertson, Vicki: Illustrated Microsoft® Office 365 & PowerPoint 2016: Introductory Get all your Cengage access codes for platforms like MindTap, WebAssign, CengageNowv2,. • Access Module 1 • Access Module 2 • Access Module 3 • No data files are needed for Access Module 4 • Access Module 5 • Access. App mathchapter 1 - Lecture notes 3 Linear Systems:The linear system is a combination of 2 or more linear equation (Mathisfun, n. What does it mean to set up a personal hotspot, also called a mobile hotspot? Share the Internet connection on your mobile device with another device. 4 Critical Thinking Challenge: Find the Perfect Video …. Instructions NP EX365 2021 1a. Buy direct and spend less with Cengage. Collection,1st Edition Microsoft Office 2016 Required Product: MindTap for The Shelly Cashman Series® Collection 9781337391306 ($123) Recommended instead, Cengage Unlimited Subscription – Description Printed Access Card ISBN Bookstore price. Module 1 Contemporary Arts Teacher K 12. Whether you are a student, a teacher, or a professional, you will find valuable tips and tricks to enhance your productivity and. CONTEMPORARY PHILIPPINE ARTS FROM THE REGIONS. bold text Bold the text "best ice cream on the planet" …. Fill out this form and we’ll connect you to your Cengage Representative ASAP. Hamdard Megastore LTD 1, WickHam Lane, London, SE2 0XZ, England. Module 3: Inserting Objects into a Presentation. The Benefits of Using a Gantt Chart Template in PowerPoint. Module 1 PowerPoint; Module 1 video; Module 1 caption file; Module 1 script; Module 2 materials: Module 2 PowerPoint; Module 2 video; Module 2 caption file ; Module 2 script; Elementary Lesson Plan collection; Module 3 materials: Module 3 PowerPoint; Module 3 video; Module 3 caption file;. HCS 341 Empowering and Inspiring/newtonhelp. What Is PowerPoint? Project: Presentation with a Bulleted List and Pictures; Starting …. $1, Feedback Area Feedback Correct. Tackle the inequitable distribution of power, money and resources:. Tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of strangers flow through with a singular purpose: to get where they need to go. Here, you choose whether you want to save it to your Computer, or to the cloud using Microsoft 365 or OneDrive. Module 1: Creating a Presentation in PowerPoint. karapatang-sipi sa anomang akda ang Pamahalaan ng Pilipinas. Electrical Wiring Residential 20th Edition Textbook Solutions. docx _M8_CPW4_Email Introduction. The company provides superior content, personalized services and course-driven digital solutions that accelerate student engagement and transform the learning experience. Fortunately, creating a Gantt chart in PowerPoint is eas. Excel Module 1: End of Module Project 1. MIS, 10th Edition - 9780357418697 - Cengage. 308 Cengage Answers PPTs View free & download. Download and save the starting file. Module 2: Building Tables and Relationships. New Perspectives on Microsoft Word 2016Module 2:Navigating and Formatting a Document. Shelly Cashman Excel 365/2021 | Module 2: SAM Project 1a. Learn how to use formulas, functions, copy, paste,. Module 5: Working with Advanced Tools and Masters. We successfully received your request. Introduction; Module 3 Assignment - Costing Methods;. Follow along as Linda Sessions completes the SAM Project College of the Midwest. New and revised author-written resources include an Instructor's Manual with Solutions, teaching tips, suggestions for using data files, updated PowerPoint® and Scientific Word® slides, and a current Data Set Handbook with the latest developments. The SAM app in MindTap for MIS 10 has been updated to include Office 2019/365. However, one of the most popular and widely used applications is Microsoft PowerPoint. Project next year's revenue in the second projection (range H9:K9) based on a growth series using. Download the editable PowerPoint files below: Module 1: Algebra Essentials. Illustrated Series Microsoft Office 365 & Office 2019. Medical terminology Diana Rangaves, PharmD, CEO 7. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like What is an application, or app?, A (n) _______________ is a collection of computer programs packaged together in a bundle. Formatting --> Data Type arrow --> Select Date/Time. Çağ Üniversitesi - Avrupa'dan Onaylı Üniversite. • Module 1 • Module 2 • Module 3 • Module 1-3 Capstone Project • Module 4 • Module 5 • Module 6 • Module 7 • Module 4-7 Capstone Project 1. This module has the following parts and corresponding icons: v. Ideal for any introductory course in horticulture science, the Second Edition of INTRODUCTION TO HORTICULTURAL SCIENCE covers everything your students need to know in a comprehensive format that is easy to understand. ” This article will begin with the theoretical background and pedagogical principles about student engagement, active learning and just-in-time teaching (JiTT), which forms the basis of the teaching approach. How to complete the SAM Word Module 8 Project 1 Boulder Game Studio. creating a lower-level paragraph. PPT Module 3 SAM End of Module Project 1: Public Art Policy. With Cengage Unlimited you’ll get: All your Cengage access codes for platforms like MindTap, WebAssign, CengageNowv2, SAM, and OWLv2; Access to the online version of your textbook + our full library; New study tools including online homework, flashcards, test prep and study guides. Each phase of the note-taking process is essential, and each depends on the other. Ms Powerpoint Mindtap Module 1 Project Demo Professor …. MICROSOFT POWERPOINT 2019: Module 1: Creating a Presentation in PowerPoint 2019. Step 1: When you go to the tool's main page, it will ask you to drag the picture you wish to resize into the appropriate area. In PowerPoint terms, shapes include lines, rectangles, stars, and more. On page 1, change the case of the "Remote Work" title to Capitalize Each Word to soften the tone of the title. What is the Internet? a vast number of connected computers and networks. Capstone PowerPoint Presentation: Outline, Examples & Tips - Download as a PDF or view online for free. Your students can purchase online or in bookstores. Click the drop arrow next to Present Live to select who should be able to connect to this presentation. 0 (1 review) Deck Click the card to flip 👆 the collection of slides in a presentation Click the card to flip 👆 1 / 31 Flashcards Learn Test Match Created by …. 01 Cengage mindtap SAM Excel Module 4 project part 1. Ms powerpoint 2013 Noor Azman Muhammad 9. If the audience can access the sources in Brightspace or other online learning systems, you will cite according to the type of resource (book, journal, PowerPoint slides, etc. a collection of slides in a presentation. two types of organizational communication methods (e. The Pictures needed for this chapter are located on PICTURES FOLDER. On Slide 4 ("Vehicle Insurance"), reduce the indent for the bulleted item "RV Insurance". Multi-Threading - executes 2 or more tasks within one program at the same time. Instructions tell you what you need to do to complete the project. WORK POWER AND ENERGY Bernard Cid 46. Cengage Australia">MINDTAP COLLECTIONS. 20 (Q)Excel ExamCompletion Date: Oct. Are you tired of creating PowerPoint presentations from scratch? Look no further. Financial Accounting 100% (15) 4. Excel Module 1 Test Study Guide Flashcards. Chapter three covers the vision, mission, objectives, and strategies of a firm, as well as the tools and techniques for evaluating its performance. In this article, you'll discover Microsoft Office lesson plans and teaching tips for: Microsoft Word. , A file manager is used for all of the following except ____. Reach out to a Cengage Representative. You will learn how to create and modify Master Slides, insert pictures,. Cengage problemt set, module 3, make sure to check if you have the same numbers in the problem roblem set: module ebook show me how pattern department 2,700. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like A Power Point presentation, also called a slide show, The collection of slides in a presentation is called a _____, resembling a stack of cards on top of eachother. Meet a Faculty Partner Student Registration Instructions Visit our Start Strong page for guides and videos to walk students through registration. 9272 In Slide Sorter view, move Slide 4 so that it becomes the new Slide 2. Hands-On Learning with Eureka Math² Technology. Shelly Cashman Excel 2019 | Modules 4-7: SAM Capstone Project 1a. a group of people bound together by commonalities in language, history, traditions, and religion R E V T N E N M O G 2. Pls donate to get me to the super bowl and I. -In the Timing group, click the Apply to all button. To do it, select File > Options > General. Access Module 4 Exam Part 1 of 2. Modyul2 lipunang-pampolitika-prinsipyo-ng-subsidiarity-at-prinsipyo-ng-pagkak. Module 3: Inserting WordArt, Charts, and Tables. Embracing Software Changes in PowerPoint * Module 1: Creating and Editing Presentations with Pictures. HOMEROOM GUIDANCE FOR GRADE 12QUARTER 1, MODULE 1TitleSelf-Analysis: A Step to My ImprovementANSWER KEY🔑https://youtu. Unit 3 Microeconomics Summary; Chapter 7 Powerpoint - Slides; Micro 8 - Lecture notes 8. Modyul 3 lipunang pang-ekonomiya Justice Emilio Angeles Gancayco Memorial High School SHS 168. Save the file as IL_PPT19_1a_ FirstLastName _2. accdb Great Giraffe Jeremiah Garver is the operations manager at Great Giraffe, a career school in Denver, Colorado. SAM provides OS detection (PC and Mac) for Projects A/B, End of Module and Capstone Projects. LESSON 1, 2 & 3-ETECH 1S Juvywen 63. New to SAM? Log in with your cengage. Step 1: Open PowerPoint file “SC_PPT_2-1” from data files -> Click Design tab -> Choose Metropolitan theme in themes group. You are helping Silver River's ch. a list of paragraphs, each of which may be preceded by a bullet character, such as a dot, arrow, or checkmark. Access Module 1 SAM Text Book Project. Mathematics in the Modern World - CHED. Total costs for the entire hospital are estimated to be $3,000,000. If you do not see this option, there might not be any PowerPoint presentations available for your textbook. PPT Module 1 SAM End of Module Project 1: Lakewood …. New Perspectives PowerPoint 2019 | Module 1: End of Module Project 1 Flood Tornado 5. can be displayed over the Internet; allows you to input files from a variety of sources; easy to rearrange slides when creating; possible to collaborate with a group using the Internet; by default, opens in Normal view; the planning process is an important part when considering the delivery. Strayer University, Philadelphia. Publisher: Module 1: Creating a Presentation in PowerPoint. Module 1 PowerPoint; Module 1 video; Module 1 caption file; Module 1 script; Module 2 materials: Module 2 PowerPoint; Module 2 video ; Module 2 caption file; Module 2 script; Secondary Lesson Plan collection; Module 3 materials: Module 3 PowerPoint; Module 3 video; Module 3 caption file;. SAM Training Module 5 Flashcards. Buy Loose-leaf : New Perspectives Collection, Microsoft® 365® & Office® 2021 Intermediate, Loose-leaf Version ISBN: 9780357672136. Contemporary philippine arts from the regions [autosaved] Jodi Charimaye Lidasan 21. ; Complete a Project To complete and submit a project assignment in SAM, download a start file, follow the project instructions and save your work, upload your files to SAM, and submit your work. Excel Module 3 SAM Project A: Excel Module 4 SAM Project A: Excel Modules 1-4 SAM Capstone Project : PowerPoint Module 1 SAM Project A: PowerPoint Module 2 SAM Project A: Individual PowerPoint Presentation Assignment: End of preview. In this video I cover what you will need to know for the Cengage PowerPoint Project for Module 3. Upload your study docs or become a member. Personal Development - Grade 11 Day 1 Jonald Justine Itugot 74. Working With Tables in Word 2016 William Breitsprecher …. Bundle: Illustrated Microsoft Office 365 & Office 2019 Introductory, 1st Student Edition + MindTap™ (1-year. 2: Paying for a Post-Secondary Education new! 1. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 7. California Code of Regulations, Division 5, Chapter 2. Arts 8: Quarter 1- Module 4: The Wonders of Artifacts. Illustrated PowerPoint 2016 | Module 1: SAM Project 1b 5. Also referred to as an onboard computer, a powertrain control module (PCM) is a powerful computer that helps in managing and controlling emission systems, fuel injection and the ignition system. Select the Blank layout and name it Final. com - For more course tutorials visit www. The Northern Oregon University Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation. PowerPoint Module 1 Test Review. Whether you're using MindTap, WebAssign or another Cengage product, our step-by-step guides help you log-in, register, and get started. Step 2: After that, adjust the value using the slider, or type a number into the box below. Microsoft Access Module 2 training/exam tasks. © 2023 National Geographic Learning, a Cengage Learning Company. Online Safety, Security, Ethics, and Netiquette - Empowerment Technologies Mark Jhon Oxillo …. Chapter 1 Introduction to Financial Management Key Concepts and Skills Know the basic types of financial management decisions and the role of the financial manager Know the financial implications of the different forms of business organization Know the goal of financial management Understand the conflicts of interest that can arise between owners …. a group of people, living together in a fixed territory, organized for political ends under. Powerpoint presentation of Module 1 Project po namin yan sa teacher namin. bold text Bold the text "best ice cream on the planet" in the third body paragraph. EsP 9 M1 Kabutihang Panlahat. You work in the Financial Aid Departm. Follow along as @4doxs1lab Linda Sessions modifies a Word document with line spacing, styles modifications, citations, bibliography, and head/footer changes. No matter the actions you choose, you cannot choose your grades. WWCC CS110 PowerPoint Module 2 SAM Module Project 2. By occasionally pressing pause to think and reflect, you will make the most of the presentation. 3 (U) Access - Module 2 - Textbook Project (V) Access - Module 3 - SAM Project 1a(W) Access 2 Quiz Completion Date: Nov. The file extension will be added. Save the file SC_EX365_2021_2a_FirstLastName_1. Demonstration of the steps in PowerPoint Module 2 pages PPT 2-1 to 2-13 including opening a presentation template, deleting the unnecessary slides, adding te. This free textbook is an OpenStax resource written to increase student access to high-quality, peer-reviewed learning materials. If you need help creating the proper APA for Canvas materials, please contact a Lynn Librarian. You can find the quiz on Canvas. 9280 Bold the word "Healthcare" on Slide 3. , Insert the trade Mark Sign symbol from Symbol subset "Letterlike Symbols" after word "Rocknalysis" in the Slide 3 title. As a registered user, you get immediate access to: Download millions of old solutions completed by our experts known as old QA. PowerPoint Module 1 Ch Assignment. Grade 3 Module 1 Collapse all Expand all. What Is a Powertrain Control Module?. Ikatlong Markahan – Modyul 1: Katarungang Panlipunan. The statement "Today is Tuesday or 1 + 1 = 2. To add files, use the Add Files option. Inserting Quizzes, Live Webpages, and Apps; 1-5d. 95", "$")}} ISBN: 9780357259986 will be prompted to enter this access code the first time that they click on a link in your course that includes Cengage content. use information from various sources such as news reports, speeches, informative talks, panel discussions, etc. You will also find tips on formatting, inserting captions, and applying themes. Students get to a library of more than 22,000 products for $119. It should be understood that this topic knowledge is the minimum level of a grade of D or better. PowerPoint is Microsoft’s proprietary presentation software that lets you create digital slideshows utilizing a variety of media. Shelly Cashman PowerPoint 2019 | Modules 1-3: SAM Capstone Project 1b c. How should he complete the tasks? A. Find other quizzes for Computers and more on Quizizz for free!. Powerpoint is a good program to use for a presentation because it allows the listeners to have a visual of the subjects the speaker is talking about. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like _____ are standard settings that control how the screen is set up and how a document looks when you first start typing. 1-800-599-3663 or 1-859-657-4786 INTLCS@cengage. They can help you stay organized, on top of tasks, and ensure that your projects are completed on time. Save As is selected when you first save a presentation. How to use Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Access®, and Outlook®. Correct errors and revise a document. How to complete the Ferrante & Dahl assignment in Cengage Excel Module 1. Republic Act 8293, section 176 states that: “No copyright shall subsist in any work of the Government of the Philippines. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Terms in this set (35) PowerPoint presentations. Module 10: Microsoft PowerPoint Basic Skills: Assignment: Create a New Presentation: Module 11: Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate Skills: Assignment: Modify Existing PowerPoint Presentations: Module 12: Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced Skills: Assignment: Create New Access Database: Module 13: Microsoft Access Basic Skills: Assignment: Modify. Get customized homework assistance on any assignment you have by posting your questions. View Notes - PowerPoint Module 1 Ch Assignment. -Click the Transitions tab on the Ribbon. Harlem Shake 3 – Teach Me How To Dougie 2 – Gangnam Style 1 - Wiggle, Wiggle 30. Microsoft Word Project (Word Module 4 SAM Project 2) Complete the table by adding formulas as follows: a. What Are the Advantages of a PowerPoint Presentation?. com; Note Support Hours Monday-Friday; 5am-7pm CST (Mexico City Time) Note Languages Spanish, English, Portuguese. A hands-on guide for PowerPoint Module 3 Assignment from the Cengage Technology for Success Microsoft Office 365 & Office 2019 Textbook. Words to Minutes Converter; Words to Pages Converter; Free College GPA Calculator. Microsoft Word Module 8 training/exam tasks. PowerPoint Module 1 Quiz Flashcards. Engage both computer rookies and hot shots as you guide them in mastering Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2016 applications quickly and efficiently with ILLUSTRATED M. Cengage Learning is headquartered in Boston, MA and has. Taylor 9781844801336 Please email us with your comments on this book. Student Learning Outcomes/Learning Objectives. Caleja– Head Teacher VI Abigail T. Module 1: Introduction to Nurse Assistant. Please logon by your CNA email address and Password 請輸入你的 CNA 電郵地址及密碼登入. CS110 video on how to do PowerPoint Module 3 SAM End of Module Project 1. Step 1: First, the switch loads a power-on self-test (POST) program stored in ROM. Insert a new slide using a specified layout. MOS Practice Exams for Office 2019/365 are now available for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The goal of the due process model is as much to protect the innocent as it is to convict the guilty. CENGAGE New Perspectives Word 2019 | Modules 1-4: SAM Capstone Project 1a Insert and format a text box as follows to provide additional information about customer 14. Multilevel bulleted list slide. Access to ALL Cengage eTextbooks, 4 free hardcopy textbook rentals* and: Cengage Read offline access. UCSP Module 4 - Human Capacity for Culture. Shelly Cashman Excel 2019 | Module 8: SAM Project 1a Eastern Mobile ANALYZE DATA WITH CHARTS AND PIVOTTABLES GETTING STARTED Open the file SC_EX19_8a_FirstLastName_1. Module 2: Enhancing Presentations with Shapes and SmartArt. View the correct answers for activities in the learning path. Course Learning Outcomes Word Module 3 SAM Exam 100 4 3 PowerPoint Module 1 SAM Textbook Project 100 7 5 …. Module 1: Creating, Formatting, and Editing a Word Document with a Picture Module 2: Creating a Research Paper with References and Sources Module 3: Creating a Business Letter with a Letterhead and Table Module 4: Creating a Document with a Title Page, Lists, Tables, and a Watermark Module 5: Using a Template to Create a Resume and Sharing a. Groups of the periodic table c. PowerPoin t Shortcuts for PC and Mac Read PowerPoint Module 1. The following three parts reflect the three different ways of constructing accounting information. Enter the values shown in Table 1 into the corresponding cells in the range B14:C16. SAM Projects can be configured to allow up to 10 attempts. In 2012, Great Minds ® was awarded the contract to develop a math curriculum for New York State to meet the new requirements for rigor, focus, and coherence established by the new educational standards. HG G8 Q1 Mod1 Grade 8 Quarter 1. Further, in charting the course of your journey in this module, you are expected to: a. 12/5 12a-11:59p (1 hour for exam, available 24 hours) MS Excel 365 Modules 1-4 SAM Test (NO MAKEUP EXAMS. Office Address: Regional Center, Brgy. Financial Accounting (ACC201) Coursework. Chapter 1 medical terminology codelifemd 1. Use a separate sheet of paper in answering the exercises. You’ve chosen a Cengage digital learning solution: now get all the support you need to successfully use it, from tutorials, training guides, Q&As, and more. We provide our customers with 100% reliable Cengage accounting and MindTap economics answer keys. 06 ex SNHU ACC-202 Managerial Accounting single plantwide and multiple production department factory overhead rate methods. Forgot Password? Enter your Email and we'll send you a link to change your password. Quarter 1 – Module 1: Using Imagery, Diction, Figures. Lecture 5 macromedia flash poleyseugenio 6. Installing PowerPoint on your computer after purchasing. Updated Riverez Family and Communtity Care Plan (1) Module Three - Project One - Applying Strategic and Operational Thinking; 7-2 Quiz - 7-2 Quizlet Study; Chpt 1 study questions; 3-2 Writing Plan Progress Check 3 HIS 200 - Applied History. Using a concise, focused approach and user-friendly format, the Illustrated Series incorporates a hallmark two- page layout that allows you to see an entire task in. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Which type of text may be formatted to print at the top of every page?, What is the text that appears on every slide but depending on the theme applied may not always appear at the bottom of a slide?, When printing a PowerPoint 2010 presentation, which print setting enables multiple slides to …. You can read this book and get admission for engineering in a good IIT and NIT college. The non-physical components of a computer that understand how to work with the physical components are referred to as:, The operating system software is necessary for a computer to function. For example, if your instructor posts a peer-reviewed article to Canvas, then use the format for citing a journal article. Terms in this set (29) Presentation. Cengage Problem Set Module 4 04. 05/04/2022 11:58:00 PM MS PowerPoint 2019 Move a slide in Slide Sorter view. OSPF is a link-state routing protocol that was developed as an alternative for the distance vector Routing Information Protocol (RIP). PowerPoint Module 1 SAM training and project. Small black square located in the lower-right corner of the active cell. PowerPoint Module 2 SAM Training. Word 2016 module 3 ppt presentation dgdotson 2. , Keizersgracht 424, 1016 GC Amsterdam, KVK: 56829787, BTW: NL852321363B01. Welcome to the Personal Financial Literacy Teacher and Student Resource Materials page! Economic Reasoning new! Economic Reasoning PowerPoint new! Economic Reasoning new! 1. Module 1: Creating and Editing Presentations with Pictures. With PowerPoint open and at least one presentation file open, press Alt+F11* on your keyboard. Nursing powerpoint istarness 55. What type of website typically advocates a cause? nonprofit. Tabula Insurance Agency ENTER AND UPDATE COMPANY DATA. com HCS 341 week 1 Individual Assignment Human Resource Management Roles Presentation (2 PPT) HCS 341 Week 1 Cengage Exercise Reflection HCS 341 Week 2 Legal, Safety, and Regulatory Requirements Paper (2 Papers) HCS …. Department of Psychiatry, Institute of Medical Sciences. What does an operating system provide so you can interact with a device by tapping or clicking buttons, for example? Graphical User Interface (GUI) What type of software manages the complete operation of a computer or mobile device? Operating System. New Perspectives Excel 2019 | Excel Module 4 SAM End Of Modu. 2: Building a Database and Defining Table Relationships. Right-click the column heading, "Manager Email Address". Capabilities and limitations of computer Marizza Dizon Magallanes Jimenez 58. It can be purchased at the bookstore or directly from the textbook publisher online. com HCS 341 week 1 Individual Assignment Human Resource Management Roles Presentation (2 PPT) HCS 341 Week 1 Cengage Exercise Reflection HCS 341 Week 2 Legal, Safety, and Regulatory Requirements Paper (2 Papers) HCS 341 Week 2 Recruitment Matrix. 4: Analyzing and Charting Financial Data. Keyboard shortcuts in PowerPoint for Mac. Change the merged shape’s height to 1. English 10 Quarter 1 – Module 1: Information Gathering for …. -On the Quick Access toolbar, click the Start from Beginning button. PPT Module 1 SAM Project A: Silver River Career Consulting. (15:37) Download Module 7 Ppt. Bundle: Illustrated Microsoft Office 365 & Office 2019 Introductory, 1st Student Edition + MindTap™ (1 …. describe the art forms from the various regions through the development of Philippine arts; and. Arts 8: Quarter 1- Module 3: Appreciating Southeast Asian Artworks and Artifacts. com RETURN ASSIGNMENT SHEET EVERY DAY TO INSTRUCTOR’S IN-BOX (BIN) e Assignments s tal s p 1 Access Module 1 SAM Textbook Project – Together in Class---- Access Module 1 SAM End of Module Project 1 17 Access Module 1 SAM End of Module Project 2 17 Access Module 1 SAM Training (optional). To speed up a video, you are watching on a PC using Window Media Player, you can hit CTRL+SHIFT+G while the video is playing. Homeroom Guidance Self-learning Module – Grade 8 Quarter 1 Module 1: Level Up Your Study Habits 2020 Edition. The students should realize the obvious answer: reading their textbooks. " in the "Creating Cases" section. Learning Module for Junior High School Mathematics 1 The learners will be able to: • solve quadratic equations by extracting square roots. 1 PowerPoint Module 2 SAM Training 1. 2 Mean or Expected Value and Standard Deviation. Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi • 3. Send the yellow sun shape to the back. Follow along using the transcript. Managerial Accounting100% (45) 2. Introduction to Financial Management. Learn how to recognize and understand the market for your entrepreneurial venture in this module from DepEd Tambayan. In PLC, "I" is used for input and "O" is used for output. Chapter 1: STARTING POINT FOR THE UNDERSTANDING CULTURE, SOCIETY AND POLITICA Angelita Montilla 25. SHELLY PET HOSPITAL & WELLNESS CENTER Quality Care for Pets and Their Families OUR SERVICES Emergency Care X-rays and. In the root folder, insert a file named module-info. After getting the code, you must register it. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us. Es p 7 module 1 day 1 - Download as a PDF or view online for free. Week ones accounting answers for the workbook. The updated and revised version of Engage ny Math. You don't have any courses yet. Shelly Cashman Series Microsoft Office 365 & PowerPoint 2019 Comprehensive (MindTap Course List) All your Cengage access codes for …. For Faculty Find course materials and resources to set up your lessons, support your students and teach your way. But, if the selected slide is any other layout, PowerPoint inserts a slide with the same layout. Microsoft PowerPoint Module 1: Creating and editing presentations with pictures Module 2: Enhancing presentations with shapes and SmartArt Module 3: Inserting WordArt, charts, and tables can access Cengage resources using your campus LMS login. The following are some conventions we use to create a module: Place all the code related to the module under a directory named math. Medical Terminology Olive Harvey College 3. , When word flags a possible spelling or grammar error, it also changes the spelling and grammar check icon to a (n) _____. Start by creating a custom design element on the Slide 1 title slide ("Focux Safeguards Training") as follows: a. Running a Slide Show; PPT 1-24. It also gives the speaker a reference point for the subjects that make up the majority of. Lecture 1 introduction to computing. Business Case Scenario —Updated using industry data. MS Office 2019 is compatible with MS Office 365 according to Cengage Publishing. Safety Training Workshops Associated Regional Hospital Three-hour sessions Monday, March 15 at 9:00 am and Tuesday, March 16 at 1:00 pm Six-hour session Friday, March 19 at 8:00 am The workshops cover the following topics and practices to maintain a safe workplace for hospital employees: Working safely: Learn how to prevent injuries and illness while working in the hospital. Principles of Macroeconomics. It promotes excellence at NOU by raising, investing, and managing private gifts exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary, …. From user guides to instructional videos, Cengage has the training resources you need to effectively implement MindTap, and get the most out of digital. Intro to comp week 4 module 4 cengage. Online platforms for ICT Content Development Angelito Quiambao 94. The standard deviation of a probability distribution is used to measure the variability of possible outcomes. All assignments will be completed using Cengage Mindtap. describe various contemporary art forms from the regions based on the elements and principles of arts. Algebra with Significant Figures • If two or more quantities having different numbers of significant figures are multiplied or divided, the Microsoft PowerPoint - GP1_Chap1_Measurement_Lect1_s11. Improve daily living conditions: the circumstances in which people are born, grow, live, work, and age. Entrepreneurship – Grade 12 Alternative Delivery Mode Quarter 1 - Module 1 First Edition, 2020. Edit the file name by changing “1” to “2”. Cengage physics book pdf is helpful for all of the engineering and medical students this book covers all the NCERT topics of class 11 and class 12 so this book is completely based on the latest Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE pattern with students very comfortable to learn and to understand the …. Read the instruction carefully before doing each. 02 Cengage mindtap SAM Word module 4 project part 2. Start files are the Microsoft Office files you change when. UCSP Module 9 - Concept, Characteristics, and Forms of Stratification …. Solved Shelly Cashman Excel 365/2021. The only thing is that you have to download the powerpoints individually by the chapter and the PowerPoint tends to be old. In addition, relevant updates highlight the latest practices with expanded coverage of security operations, emerging legislative issues, information …. xlsx as SC_EX365_2021_1a_FirstLastName_2. PowerPoint and Access • Prepare students for the MOS project-based exam • Automatically graded for immediate student feedback and remediation • Project assignments options include: • Textbook Projects—Now for Intro-Advanced modules • 2 SAM Projects per module: 1. At Quizlet, we’re giving you the tools you need to take on any subject without having to carry around solutions manuals or printing out PDFs! Now, with expert-verified solutions from Foundations of Business 6th Edition, you’ll learn how to solve your toughest homework problems. Module Objectives Students will have mastered the material in this module when they can: Session 2. Technology for Success + Office 2019 inclusive access, Cengage 2020. Click on a system for more details. Lee County School District / Homepage. Identify risks in online shopping. Cengage Module 1 Comprehensive Problem 1-3. Access Module 1: Creating a Database. It is used to make presentations for personal and professional purposes. This module provides you different activities that will help you become familiar with the topics. 7 Identify the methods by which a crime scene is documented. To change the color, weight, or style of a picture’s border use the Layouts & Lines button. Esp 9 Modyul 1: Layunin ng Lipunan: Kabutihang Panlahat Genefer Bermundo 164. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like The default view in word is, To enter a blank line into a document, press the ______ key without typing any text on …. BELOW ARE ADDITIONAL RESOURCESRECOMMENDED READINGEXCELMicros. Health 10 Quarter 1 – Module 1: Components of Consumer Health. Don’t forget to answer What I Know before moving on to the other activities included in the module. Getting to Know the Python math Module. Anyone can publish a freely available. Follow along as @4doxs1lab Linda Sessions looks at the skills needed to complete a Word flyer. If you have a power seat, you know there are various features to help the driver and passenger to achieve comfort and positions. 18 pages 2021/2022 90% (21) 2021/2022 90% (21) Save. Discover a vast variety of Ms Powerpoint Mindtap Module 1 Project Demo Professor Maloney Recorded On Nov 27 2022 listings on our top-notch marketplace. Unzip the file, select a PowerPoint presentation for a section, and edit it as needed for your class. Graphic Design, Print Production, Presentation Design, Art Direction, DJ. Cengage Infuse for Criminal Justice is the first-of-its-kind digital learning platform that leverages your Learning Management System (LMS) functionality so that you can enjoy simple course set up and intuitive management tools. In PowerPoint, placeholders are boxes with dotted borders that contain content and reside within a slide layout. This video presents multiple worksheets and workbooks in Excel. Thank you for using Cengage higher education print products and Services and related apps and technologies. Access Module 3: Maintaining and Querying a Database. This presentation is part of a series of lectures on strategic …. (ex: computers with AI can collect info to make decisions, reach …. In this article, we will guide you through the process of finding the best free PPT templates that will make your presentation stand out. Rio Hondo College, CIT 101, CIT 101 SAM 03 WORD MODULE 1 PROJECT, Avery University, Completing a flyer with a picture1. T/F Click the card to flip 👆 true Click the card to flip 👆 1 / 25 Flashcards Test Match Q-Chat Created by kluke19 Terms in this set (25). Aquí nos gustaría mostrarte una descripción, pero el sitio web que estás mirando no lo permite. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Video Question 1, Video Question 2, Video Question 3 and more. Data File needed for this Case Problem: Support_AC_1_Records. You will learn how to copy/paste, resize columns, create a formula, use the SUM fu. Module 2: Developing the Whole Person Leelet1121 51. Downloading free PPT templates is a fantastic way to save time and effort while creating visually stunning slideshows. Find your assigned Cengage textbooks, eTextbooks and online learning platforms (like MindTap and WebAssign) here. a full-featured presentation app that allows you to produce compelling presentations to deliver and share with an audience. Module 1: Role of Business; Module 2: Economic Environment; Module 3: Global Environment. In the content placeholder, enter a bulleted list with the following items: Humor Showmanship Design Wow! Factor 6. If you do not see this option, there might not be any …. Add a Blue, Accent 1 picture border to separate the picture from the slide background. Change the Field Size property for the Facing field to 6. Problem set- module 1 problem set: module indicate whether each …. Power point 2016 module 3 ppt presentation. Creative Savants allows you to learn new things with more dedication and excitement. As you go through this module, you are expected to design and perform effective. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Alessandro wants to use his desktop computer to. Now students can master the nuances of Microsoft Office quickly with ILLUSTRATED MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 & POWERPOINT 2019 COMPREHENSIVE, part of today's popular Illustrated Series. zip file (40 MB), or download each individual deck below: Module 1: Foundations of Sociology. Slidesgo comes to the rescue with its latest functionality—the AI Presentation Maker! With a few clicks, you’ll have wonderful slideshows that suit your own needs. New perspectives powerpoint 2019 modules 1 2 sam. Software: Describe the differences among multi-threading, multi-tasks, and multi-processing. The Unicode coding scheme supports a variety of characters including those for Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic languages. HCS 341 Education Organization--tutorialrank. This packet includes all of the lessons in Module 1 for Engage NY, 1st grade. The language used recognizes the diverse vocabulary level of students. A USB drive (Jump drive or Thumb drive) is recommended for storing student files. This book has 18 chapters divided into four parts. You can buy it as part of the Office Suite or as a standalone product. Use the following link to download all PowerPoint decks in a single. select text Select the text "unmatched" in the first body paragraph. Personal Financial Literacy Teacher and Student Materials. Chat with a Faculty Partner for expert advice about teaching, learning tools and techniques—including Cengage digital solutions. Save a print publication as a web publication. xlsx from BUSI 1304 at San Antonio College. Complete a Budget Summary Worksheet. PowerPoint Module 1 SAM Training PowerPoint Module 1 SAM Project A: 3/14: Week 9 3/15: PowerPoint Module 2: Midterm Assignment PowerPoint Module 2 SAM Textbook Project PowerPoint Module 2 SAM Training PowerPoint Module 2 SAM End of Module Project 1 PowerPoint Module 2 SAM Exam: 3/21: Week 10 3/22: PowerPoint Modules 3 & 6: PowerPoint Module 3. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Every computer consists of physical components and non-physical components. 1-4 Problem Set; Module 4; ACC 202 3-3 - ACC 202 Assignment 3-3; Chelsea Geary - Module 2 ACC 202 Project Workbook Related documents. Robust self-service tools assist with reporting, time tracking, and compliance. Module 1 Introduction to Entrepreneurship. Also calculate the total cash dividends paid out to each class for Years 1, 2, 3, and 4 combined. Cengage Brain Student Resources Access Instructions. Click the module link to open the textbook for instructions. Illustrated PowerPoint 2019. As an instructor you're able to easily customize your course materials to best fit your classroom style by editing lessons, building tests, and analyzing detailed student reports. Pearson powerpoint slides : r/Piracy. Get Module 7 Ppt MP3 For Free in Izeak. Module 7: Inserting Graphics, Media, and Objects. OSPFv3 is used for IPv6 networks. CCNA 1 introduces Cisco Networking Academy Program students to the networking field. Grade 9 ESP MODULE 1 Avigail Gabaleo Maximo 50. PowerPoint Module 1-3 Capstone Lab Project. Cengage Read lets you study whenever and wherever you want with online and offline mobile access to your eTextbook. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Data becomes information when it is presented in a format that people can understand and, Transmission speeds are expressed in _______, whereas storage space is expressed in _______. Adding Speaker Notes; PPT 1-21. In the Backstage view, click the New button Click the Search for online templates and themes text box, then type " business" and press Enter Click the "Bright business presentation" option. Guest user Add your university or school.