Top Dasher Reddit top dasher hate : r/doordash. Never seen such terrible orders. This is Rosemarie with DoorDash Escalated Support. This hardly seems like it would incentivize anybody. The acceptance rate does not matter unless you are trying to qualify for “top dasher”. 70 or higher , 95% completion rate, and 100 deliveries for the previous. He tried telling me he doesn’t get no tip orders, and also said he gets priority at restaurants where he doesn’t have to wait. But every 4 or so orders I get hit with a 2. Well we made top dasher this month without even really trying. I went on vacation and have not dashed since then. Im kind of over it, just hate getting excited for something then getting disappointed. Then he said he is on a double order, one for $22 and another for $42. You just pulled a really big number out of your ass to make is sound like a really big problem. Internal dice roll comes up favoring them, they get the order. You’ll know you got it when you find yourself on your knees a lot looking up at an Asain man. Going to try GrubHub today since DD keeps on screwing with my ratings. 07 from 10hr and 41min of active time It’s a pain to get to Top Dasher, but it is totally worth it when you get there. Where I make sure I stay above 70. Just signed on as a driver, will start tomorrow! Any tips for. Acceptance rate of at least 70%. Never have I been more disappointed with doordash than putting in all the hard work to become top dasher. If you meet the criteria by 1st of each month, then DoorDash will consider you a Top Dasher. I recently visited the USA from Canada for Black Friday. maybe they’re running out in my area lol. "Top Dasher" : r/doordash_drivers. Who also does the word Ash has an acceptance rate of usually between 10 and 20%. I’m top dasher for the month, but my acceptance rate is at 70% if I decline one more order it’ll go down to 69%. I refuse to let customers ruin my reputation. Will that automatically kick me from the top dasher program or do I have the rest of the month to get it back up past 70%?. Drivers will always get paid more per trip in California, and not just because of the stipend pay. Started at 17% AR Took 63 orders to hit 71% Took 30 hours (dash time) to do 63 orders. The part 2 - I didn't get the napoleon dynamite reference, but I am extremely anal about my ratings so when customer said that I was afraid of a 1 star. I want to maximize the time I dash each time I go out because I already. 838 deliveries and only 98 reviews then 3 drop today from 5 stars to 3. First time I got Top Dasher they deactivated me instantly on accepting my first order. And every day within an hour my morale is destroyed by the aggressive exploitation and cold indifference of a predatory and completely self-serving algorithm. This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast 66 DoorDash Food Food and Drink 239 Best Top New Controversial Q&A [deleted] Doordash is trying to get more drivers, Top Dasher or not to accept more orders!. At first, I didn’t think driving for DoorDash would be profitable. I average about $25/hr (not including gas. They hit me with two orders for 2. top dasher in the middle of the month? : r/doordash. You have to keep your acceptance rate above 70%. Long time dasher, 10K+ deliveries. Almost every order I'm offered pays over (or well over) $1/mile. Heard him on the steps and went to the door. I got top dasher finally this month its not the top dasher thing for new users im not new, and everywhere im reading it says top dasher wont end in the middle of the period bc its based on last month, my acceptance rate went down a little and now its only saying schedule and not dash now. Why do people keep thinking you have to accept $2. Hi I was told I was not eligible to be a top dasher despite having all the requirements from the last month I was told I didn’t qualify for the top dasher program this month despite having a 4. We did it for fun after our full time jobs. For example, when I choose 11:00 PM, it always pushes it to 11:30. I've been a top dasher in my market since January. Had a great few days and my acceptance got up to 62% with tipped orders. Multi apping is synonymous with delivering 2+ orders, from 2+ apps, at the same time. I finally got a hold with their contact support and I was told I didn’t met their requirements…so for those who didn’t get their top dasher status, best to just click a active dash n contact them through live chat since they don. I’m guessing a bottom dasher is anyone who dips below a 4. I watched a dasher eat a customers food. Anyone else a top dasher and been logged in. I walked over to grab my food and they were in the process of putting out a joint on the phone. Top dasher is fucking awesome, they added the extra perk that allows priority on getting bigger orders. Just saying statistically there's no reason to take any offer over 8 miles, and under 5 or 6 bucks, and you can still get top dasher, provided you aren't getting bombarded with walmart and petsmart and macys bullshit …. All the other requirements I made. You can drop below 95% CR during the month and not lose TD. Mines usually kick in on the first of the month when opening the app it shows you your stats and tell you your a top dasher. Listen I’m not a top dasher but why care what offers other people takes. We know that orders over 8 miles are troublesome, which is why as a Top Dasher you can expect a special Top Dasher bonus applied to any orders above 8miles, at 20% additional pay to the total order value or 30% if the drop off is beyond 5 miles outside of your starting zone. Good morning, So basically after about 7 calls to the Doordash customer support, and so much confusing information, I was able to reestablish my top…. Who else going for Top Dasher last day Related Topics DoorDash Mobile app Food Information & communications technology Food and Drink Technology comments sorted by …. Top Dasher Status Disappeared : r/doordash_drivers. $30+ which means more tip is likely. Top Dasher mid month without qualifications?!?! This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast and this message came up as soon as I opened the app. Qualifying as a Top Dasher will now give you priority access to high-value orders (customer orders of $35+), helping you get up to 50% more of these delivery opportunities on average. As a top dasher I almost always get decent orders even when the zone is grey. Being a Top Dasher requires you to have an acceptance rate of 70% AT 11:59 ON THE LAST DAY OF THE MONTH. To do or not to do : r/doordash. Top dasher top priority not true. If you drop below 50% at any time, you lose AR priority. DoorDash clearly says top dashers get priority for orders $35+ which are more likely to have bigger tips. Called support and sent them screenshots of the top dasher. People posted here a while ago that a two dashers are next to each other, one a top dasher and one not. Make becoming a Top Dasher your Top Priority. I had some app connectivity issues that made my acceptance rating take a last minute shit. This means that if you qualify on the 15th of. And now, for the highest highs of weekly pay. Life Changing Dasher Tip Ive been listening to sub Reddit about cherry picking and mile/ dollar & take the orders from these restaurants! End up making less than $300/week I stop doing that and set a daily goal of $150 and picking orders that pay more than $5 less than 3. For all those who need to grind it out today to hit 70% by midnight to keep Top Dasher status for next month, start grinding. If you can't work you just cancel it. *I’m Top Dasher and ONLY recommend it. So if you hit 75% AR on February 1, even if that drops to 10% on February 20, you’ll still get the Top Dasher benefits until February 28 (or 29 in a leap year or 30, 31 in other months). Top dasher email : r/doordash_drivers. You can dash when it's not busy, and supposedly get better offers. I’ve been a top dasher more than once and my experience being a top dasher I never saw an increase in high paying orders. You find out when Tony comes to meet you personally to shake your hand. For example, to become a Top Dasher in February, meet the criteria by January 31 11:59pm local time. below_suspicion Dasher (> 6 months) • 2 yr. There is also priority based on AR at 50-69 and 70+. I get Top Dasher status? : r/doordash_drivers. Yea, don't buy into that nonsense. Top Dasher is for the entire month, and I registered last week, it could just be a unique bug/case on my end. Dasher who posted he made $3500 this week has connections to doordash. The primary benefit of being a Top Dasher is the ability to schedule whenever you want. You don't have to be a top dasher to dash anytime. Judging by the amount of orders one receives below 70%, I'd say most of the DoorDash community is. Supposedly Top Dashers get preferential treatment on orders, but I don't know how you could possibly quantify that. This does seem like Florida kind of activities. hi there, ive been a dasher for 3+ years and it's been my primary job for over 1. Your time, car, and resources all suffered because you took those jobs. Top Dasher” Acceptance Rate to taking. I don’t get why too dashers get crap. That's what DD support is for when orders go wrong and if you keep messing up orders you should just be terminated, top dasher or not. Now I can understand why us dashers don’t get tipped so well…. Well homie, Honestly you'd probably do better not being a top dasher. To base success on AR is a poor business model and does not reward people who work hard and correctly, but they aim to reward dashers who are willing to. he didn't mean "issue" like something's wrong. Dash anytime, what does it mean? : r/doordash. Top dasher scam : r/doordash_drivers. If your areas slow and you get a $18 for 3 miles and that's the best offer you've seen in 2-3 hours, you wait. First offers are usually lower. I actually enjoy being Top Dasher. 20+ Best DoorDash Driver Tips & Tricks (2023 Guide!). Top dasher is more like having a job to be honest. The main reason is that the main benefit of Top Dasher status – being able to Dash anytime without scheduling – is not worth meeting the high. They don't want people who cherry pick all but last 3 days of the month. Top dasher deadline I had some app connectivity issues that made my acceptance rating take a last minute shit. If allowed to dash now and not a Top Dasher. I call up support to ask why, since I meet all the requirements for it, and they told me I don't meet the requirement of "being a top dasher" (that's not one of them btw). How do I become a Top Dasher? I've been working …. Top dasher just makes you work more for less money. Why not get Top Dasher status, then tank it…. It says I’m a top dasher but I tried to dash without. Well, the first city out of our normal area or "zone" that she tried was greyed out and would not let her dash. Does yours? I don't want top dasher but the 50% matters in my. Top Dasher Problem in App : r/doordash_drivers. Just got off the phone with support they said a lot of top dasher are having this problem and the engineer department said something is wrong and give them til Friday. If you know the hours you are going to work and don't have top Dasher but can access the early access schedules the new schedules show up for the furthest away day you can see at 3pm local time. And it seemed like a great side hustle! We now average about $6-14/hour and mileage is now $. Winner: Customers that don’t tip and get their food delivered hot and fresh. Shit order in your car, shit ratings on your phone top dasher. I lost my job around Christmas 2022 and ever since I have been Doordashing to make ends meet. 47 from only five days (22hr, 22min active time). Here are the Top Dasher Requirements: Achieve a customer rating of at least 4. You forgot to mention if you “completed 100 deliveries within the last month”. But cant dash anytime , keeps saying time slots not available , i did get top dasher randomly though , AR at 10% , but app shows i m a top dasher. Chances are the order will be canceled but you will get to keep the food. I do have a classic first timer Walmart story, but then I saw that Wednesday's are saved for those special stories so I will wait lol!! So far I like dashing, except for the sometimes, unavoidable delays at restaurants. As long as you have 70% by the end of the last day of the month, you’ll get top dasher for the entire duration of the month you qualify for, regardless of stats throughout the time. Once you become a Top Dasher, your main perk is being able to Dash whenever you want to. How did Doordash become the top delivery app? By scamming its drivers with the Top Dasher "reward" and its 80% acceptance requirement. It is a little harder when you're not familiar with the area especially in places that have gps glitches. Even if it says "Leave at door" make sure you hang around a few feet from the door to make certain they come out. I’m a top dasher and my acceptance rating (AR) is in the 30’s today. reReddit: Top posts of July 20, 2022. Yeah you made money on some calls but you also lost money. But in reality by the time the next dasher gets there it's just getting done. However, if the latest rating is a 5 and the oldest rating was a 3, then you will see your average increase. This leads to non top dashers get higher value offers. Top Dasher worth it? : r/doordash_drivers. New drivers also receive Top Dasher status for a limited amount of time. She was waiting 30 minutes for her order when I arrived. No one, top dasher or bottom dasher, is making 1500/2000 a week. Palm-o-Granite_Jam • 25 days ago. Top dasher is a scam DD cane up with to trick stupid, desperate, or new people who just don't know any better to move shitty or no tip orders. I get larger and more frequent every day. One of those requirements is to have a 70% AR, but again, that is only on the last day of the month. I became a top dasher for the first time. 25$ order which sucks when they want to you drive like 5 miles or more. You can have Top Dasher, but if your AR drops below 70%, you'll get less diamond orders. Both of the 2 Top Dasher perks are simply controlling access to who gets to bid on jobs, and promising to let you bid sooner when there are less jobs available yet you can only tell there are less jobs (deliveries) available based on how long it takes you to get the next lowest offer, and not through any other means. Now I’m getting lots of high paying orders which more than make up for the not so good ones. First of all, 400,000 drivers aren’t stealing food. Terms & Policies I think top Dasher goes out on the 2nd of every month so you should be top-dasher tomorrow as long as you did 100 dashes …. Related Topics I've been in a few areas where people just didn't tip so it didn't really matter if you had top dasher or not. Wrong wrong wrong! Top dasher is great in my busy market where I work 60-80 hours with multiple great zones. Yes in like down town it's always dark red but even then they have dry spells you can get caught in. I find that hard to believe due to the fact that if you don't know our ratings how do you choose us to be top. Saw a lot of the same offers you did. If you drive for DoorDash, you may have asked yourself is being a top dasher for DoorDash worth it? Join RSG contributor Pedro as he talks about what is a to. Business, Economics, and Finance. They just did away with Top Dasher in my market. Yes, I got top dasher one month after my acceptance rate went up when I was trying out earn by time. ago by Proud_Rain_3068 Is being Top dasher worth it? I'm having the worst time with doordash support. My customer service is protection for myself and helps customers as well. Top Dasher vs Not? : r/doordash_drivers. It’s not pepper spray or a weapon, but at least it’s something in case of a bad situation. 2 days later they took it away AND my schedule for today. My area is way over saturated with drivers. I wouldn’t characterize worth it” or not? I would say for me and my market and the 2 zones I use I’m still averaging $21-22/$9-10 in my market (Upper NY/ Danbury,CT) The ONLY. Not being top dasher there's too many uncontrollables and you have to depend on luck, and you have to wait and wait. Lastly, you said in another reply that you accept every offer. Declining orders doesn't matter unless you're concerned about being a top dasher in which you need to have a 70% acceptance rate. Diamond Program in ALL Markets 2023. Such situations are not the norm and they can give compensation for it albeit not very much. I am flummoxed, bewildered, flabbergasted, perplexed, befuddled, and a touch confused. Or you misspelled something, I ain't checking everything. I noticed one difference top dashers take every order that comes across their app. These hourly rates are from a full day of working from 11-9 and not just 2 hours with great orders. I recently hit Top Dasher and I'm getting crazy good orders like $18 for 5 miles on a petco order. And there isn’t proof that a top dasher gets preference on orders. Become a top dasher if you want the good orders. I was a top dasher and i liked how you could do it absolutely whenever because i could check in my freetime if it was busy but i was cherry picking in a more busy market then im used too these last couple days and today i woke up and my top dasher was gone. I am pro Top Dasher hate just so there will be less Top Dashers for me to compete with. and then stacked the bag on top of that, …. I have been dashing since August a few hours a day. Sure the orders are big but they're all arduous treks out of your zone and there are never any orders going back so what's the point. When you have top dasher status tips above 35$+ orders becomes unlocked to you or will absolutely be offered to top dashers first, at least as far as…. Once becoming top dasher my acceptance rate went from almost 80 right back down to the 30s in a matter of 2 days. Though I had some local dashers claim they could do more by being a top dasher and dashing anytime. Yes and I called and was told by support that it's a technical issue across the US and that "the engineers are aware" but now I'm reading posts about some rumor that DD is doing away with Top Dasher program because of …. You absolutely have to schedule or be top dasher here or you’d never be able to work. If we have to wait 20+ minutes for a $6 order it's just not worth it. Either way, Top Dasher or none Top Dasher. Most orders are low to no tip as seen by overhwelming amount of people with 5-20% acceptance rate. Top Dasher vs Not? Standing next to a top dasher. The last few weeks I’ve only taken advantage of being able to schedule future days in advance. could this be an issue with doordash or did they change the …. Most people grind up to above 70 for the end of month roll over then get top Dasher so they don't have to worry about hours, and immediately go back to cherry picking good orders. I was a top dasher in Houston up until this month. @doordash screwed me out of top Dasher this month. Was picking up an order and another Dasher starting chatting with me (which caught me off guard, because I try to be friendly and I feel like 70% of dashers want no social interaction). 00, 2 mile order (base pay here is $2. The dasher shouldn’t have taken your food for themselves, regardless. being top dasher isn't going to pay the bills either. It’s more offers, more flexibility, and higher dollar orders that usually have larger tips. It was bad for like the better part of a week but now I’m making more money than before. With millions of active users and page views per month, Reddit is one of the more popular websites for discussions online. I don't even know what I. You may or may not know that you don't need to keep your AR at 70% for the entire month to earn Top Dasher. And if you are like me, I work 12 hour days, 6 days a week, to earn top dasher and earn gas money. Haven't been on this subreddit for too long but I've already noticed some slight distain for Top Dashers, so please have mercy on me lol Was just…. So I earned top dasher w these ratings… Im surprised they let that 69% go through. Maybe they just choose certain people, oh well. If you think that scandalous, mean-spirited or downright bizarre final wills are only things you see in crazy movies, then think again. Ive unlocked it 2 weeks in a row by completing 7 shopping orders in a week plus a $10 bonus for doing so. My average is $1000 weekly, upper end $1300 weekly. They love sending you high pay orders off $4 for 1. I meet the requirements but didn’t get it either. How much should I generally be tipping doordashers? : r/doordash. A multi-apper or cherry pickers just have a different mentality. Top Dasher vs Cherry Picker : r/doordash_drivers. Since being a top dasher, the main benefit is orders when it's slow. Then the orders I would get were 35 miles for 15 dollars. Top Dasher Status : r/doordash. I’m at 72% acceptance rate 5 yr dasher , considered a top dasher. kjjamal510 Dasher (> 1 year) • Additional comment actions Yup we have to find stuff and shop for it, please stay by your phone for substitutions too that is the most annoying part while shopping some customers never respond and it holds us up so I’ll normally just refund the missing item after waiting a few mins. My plan was if it didn't increase my income, I would not do it again, but I wanted to know for sure. You will make more money per hour if you are discriminating like myself. That is most of them are $3-$5 now. Don’t do it to yourself especially during a time like this. Dasher who posted he made $3500 this week has. Is there something I'm missing? I did 107 deliveries last month to achieve my 100, and I've got 270 lifetime deliveries. Is being a top dasher really that beneficial? Are any of you. My overall rating is still great at 4. Made top dasher for the 2nd month in a row. Many people don't even know drivers are considered IC's and do not receive minimum wage. You probably reached 71 but should've gave it some extra like 75 or 78 to be sure. It depends on the area at least for me, top dasher racks up about 25$/hr while regular only pays about 16$/hr. Yes, as long as you have at least a 4. The two perks for top Dasher are dash now, and priority during slow times. My AR dropped so much that I literally couldn't work anymore it was pointless. In 2015, I separated from my wife and moved back into my parents' house. Here's how Doordash describes it: The Top Dasher program is our way of recognizing and rewarding the best Dashers!. I also make 20-30$ more each dash then I did when I wasn’t a top dasher. Then they smack you with reality again. " This is gonna get people robbed. It should be $1 per ROUND trip mile. In Houston, it is literally impossible to get top dasher, because 85% of orders are $3 for 15+ miles. In a busy market, you can usually dash. For example, “Reddit’s stories are created by its users. has anyone not gotten their top dasher status when they have met all the requirements to be one. You either just got baited by DoorDash or you didn’t actually meet the requirements. I’m averaging $44 an hour this week. Sometimes your screen shows more than we have and sometimes less than we have because it populates weirdly. I have this stats in my app, support said that they can see my acceptance as 67% not 72% and I'm not eligible for top dasher in August. Thank you for contacting DoorDash regarding Top Dasher. Lots of lube is the biggest requirement. Now I am stuck as an american dasher, I assume. When an order takes me far out of my zone , I log off and switch to the zone I am in and can dash immediately. Order tampered with, seal was broken, items were missing, used napkins were in the bag, DoorDash only provided a partial refund. Perhaps he was trying something new given the high gas prices. If you meet the requirement as of the last day of the month, you'll have Top Dasher status for the entire next month. What matters the most is : customer rating and completion rating. I just figured oh well, I'll get it next month. They even suggest bigger tips the more a customer spends. If your last ratings show you 70% and you’ve proof. I sit at 140 lifetime deliveries (i switched over from uber eats) so any tips tricks or advice is accepted and appreciated. Some drivers see Top Dasher status as a major badge of honor, and certainly can help you earn more. Doordash is in process of implementing minimum acceptance rate of 50%. The dash anytime in my market is crucial in my ability to switch apps at will without dealing with pausing/scheduling) Thanks y’all. You cannot schedule or dash at decent times unless you are top Dasher. I called support and they told me that they can not see our ratings. They don't receive more orders or opportunities than they did before. Real estate is often portrayed as a glamorous profession. I'm new to this and I'm grateful to have found this page! Thank you. But mondays and Tuesday’s are typically $100-$120 (slowest days unless raining or snowing), Wednesday and Thursday typically around $150, Friday and the weekends are anywhere from $200-$300. After they have rolled out the new program, top dasher will be eliminated. For August I tracked my AR over (almost) the entire month (starting Aug 4) and took a screenshot of my past 100 stats on Aug 31. Says its good for month of what ever month it is then bam. I had rating that were consistent of being top Dasher and they never gave it to me. After that, you have to have 70% or above acceptance rate, 4. A: If you meet the criteria on the last day of the previous month, you will be considered a Top Dasher this month! For example, to become a Top Dasher in February, meet the …. Jump to section: How does the program work? How do I qualify for this program? How do I re-qualify for this program every month?. 11 comments Best [deleted] • 4 yr. 100 deliveries completed during the previous month. 182K subscribers in the doordash_drivers community. Small towns are hard to get 100 per month when it doesn't allow me any time to dash. Please don't assume someone with a doordash logo is a top. 75 orders? Get that AR up to top dasher and then the next 3 weeks…. And yea if your in a slow area top dasher is the better option but if your taking shitty orders in a busy area to retain “top dasher status” your the dumbass here and your just missing out on money that you could be making. It says in a top dasher for a few weeks to try it out. Start by cherry picking, if an order is below $5. You don’t have to take those 3$ orders… you just have to keep ar above 70%. Judging by everyone else, it looks like DD is in the process of the monthly change. All new dashers are top dashers. 92 An acceptance rate at least a 70. When and where does it show you top dasher stats? I bumped mine up to 71% yesterday just for the occasion… Related Topics. Dasher Rewards!!!! : r/doordash. I thought to myself "please be wrong". Making fun of them only makes you look jealous you can’t dash when you want. Top dasher scam So I signed up for doordash two weeks ago and during my top dasher trial period, my city was always busy, like I never ever saw it not say busy or very busy ever. Top Dasher should not be confused with AR priority. 50; therefore, the total payout is $8. I’ve been top dasher all this month, so I talked to support (first 3 people were useless) they escalated it and escalations said it’s a known issue and that it should be restored soon. top dasher questions : r/doordash_drivers. She then, unprompted, said she makes $1500-$2000 per week. It was a program designed by Doordash for Doordash. There is no right answer to that question. Play your cards right use the first 3 weeks to cherry pick and the last week to get top dasher. The second thing to do is screenshot your ratings on the last dash you do at end of month for proof. Is there anyway to avoid your dasher picking up another order. But if you were in a small market TD is imperative. I'm a top dasher, but sitting in busy areas at hotspots for 30 mins to an hour and nothing. Then he congratulates you with a "best bottom bitch" award. If it's really that important to you, get some business cards ($9. Top Dasher? Is it worth it? : r/doordash_drivers. With 72% acceptance, sounds like you take a lot of shitty tips. Top dashers get targeted with low paying and no tip orders because DD knows they'll take it. Wednesday was the only day ive felt that hurt. So I just started dashing part time around atlanta (specificly Marietta/ fair oaks). Being able to dash without having to schedule in advance. Not receiving Top Dasher status despite qualifications. For example as a top dasher I’m getting a lot of offers to go like 8. 7 customer rating, 200 lifetime deliveries, and 100 deliveries per month to get Top Dasher again for the next month. 70% Acceptance Rate in order to be a Top Dasher?!. I believe the system needs to update real time ratings to avoid this. You have to meet all of the requirements at 11:59 p. Get the Reddit app Scan this QR code to download the app now. I cherry pick orders, lots of huge …. I agree people shouldn’t do something if they. Get in your car, start your ignition, put the red foam ball over your nose, some big goofy shoes and maybe a red afro tah dah you are now tonys bitch aka top dasher. This is gonna get people robbed. New to Doordash or just ready to level up and maximize your earnings? Here's the best advice from top dashers on reddit to make the most of . I've been in a few areas where people just didn't tip so it didn't really matter if you had top dasher or not. DASHERS: PLEASE STOP ACCEPTING LOW PAY DELIVERIES! It hurts. I NEVER take no tip orders but I will take a $4. I recently lost my top dasher perks (over my completion being 1% lower than required) and all of a sudden the bustling metropolitan area I typically dash in went from never going below pink, to the whole area being white 24/7. For the first time in August, I was: at 70% acceptance rate (based on the previous 100 deliveries). For those thinking about dashinga little info about the reality. Now a days Struggling to dash because they are asking drivers to schedule in hour increments. You won't need it as long as you're good about scheduling ahead. As far as being worth it, that depends on 2 things. Do I have to maintain the stats to keep top dasher? Cause my acceptance rate is usually like 5-12%. I only work during peak pay late at night. Top dashers also get larger orders and higher tip %s (DD keeps this a secret!) 41. View community ranking In the Top 1% of largest communities on Reddit. 7 miles, while they actively chase away good paying customers with the worst customer service and even rising fees. But the moment a promo is happening I have to schedule? Seems sus… Complaint. Ar and top dasher : r/doordash_drivers. I mentioned Top Dasher earlier, to qualify you need: 4. Every time I've spoken to someone in person about their acceptance rate they tell me it's. A Dasher with your numbers shouldn’t have to be a Top Dasher. Just recently got the email about resetting my acceptance rate on the 27th. To find out if you are a Top Dasher, first go to the DoorDash driver login, then go to your Account in the Dasher app. Related Topics DoorDash Mobile app Food Information & communications technology Food and Drink Technology comments sorted by Best Top Dasher : “Yes sir! Right away Tony!”. However, DoorDash also states you get priority on orders over other drivers when things are slow. Pizza places like pizza hut, papa johns, toppers usually have zones like a 4 mile radius in order for them to not compete against their other pizza locations. If your top dasher what are the benefits? : doordash. Image courtesy of u/Shante_R on Reddit. At the end of October my rating was 4. So, you need to maintain that criterion during a month to retain the Top Dasher status. Why is this happening? I’m a top dasher, I’ve always been. To be a Top Dasher and get the catering bag you have to have 200 lifetime deliveries and 100 in. The requirements to become a Top Dasher are:. Schedule is wide open, no fighting to get a block, no stalking the map to wait for the region to turn red. DD has been known to throw temporary Top Dasher status out to drivers who had an excessively long restaurant wait, or some other unusual problem during a Dash. Used to kill it on in the NY area before AR mattered and top dasher/diamond zones were introduced. That better orders thing is a ploy to get you to …. Decided to not get top dasher this month….